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The key legal framework relevant to RES development is presently still comprised by Law 102-1986 that establishes amongst others the functions and competences of the New and Renewable Energy Authority of Egypt (NREA), the planning and operational framework rules as well as framework tendering rules for competitive bids. Significant changes in the legal framework relevant to RES in Egypt can however be expected in the future when the new electricity law comes into place.
The key law for RES tendering is presented by the general tendering law (law 89 year 1998) that sets out the general framework rules applicable to public bidding in Egypt.
Competitive bidding is applicable for RES installations with a capacity of more than 50 MW (although in practice tendered RES installations had a minimum of 250 MW to date). Calls for tender will specify details of the envisaged PPA, land allocation rules, evaluation criteria and procedures. An international consultant funded through the WB is presently assisting the Egyptian Electricity transmission company (EETC) in the preparation of standard bidding documents.